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Pet food

Browse the variety of pet food available at PetsByte. Shop dog & cat food, as well as food for fish, reptiles and small pets here.


Health products

From advanced health supplements to natural treats and chews.

Online Pet Store


With ebook you can enjoy a stronger bond, solve problems together & improve your relationship with your pet!


Toys and accessories

Browse our collection of pet toys for exercise balls, mazes, tunnels and more.

Don’t forget!

Your pets deserve the best! With pets, everything is nicer but do not forget that they have their own needs. Be the responsible owner of a dog, cat, rabbit, guinea pig, parrot or other pet.

Poisonous Plants

How dangerous are poisonous houseplants for our pets?

Will our cat or dog really die if they bite the leaf of some poisonous plant and do we need to get rid of all the plants that can be dangerous to pets?
Find which plants are potentially dangerous for your pet!

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