Are Ferns Toxic To Birds?

Most people who choose to take a pet into their homes love them and are desperate to keep them safe. The same applies to people who own birds, for which many household items can choose to be toxic.

Certainly, potted house plants are o exception so it is important for owners to identify which are safe. One houseplant that is non-toxic to birds while also still a beautiful addition is ferns.

This includes Boston Ferns and Aloe Vera, which is also considered a Bladeleaf Fern. An important note about the Aloe Vera, however, is that not only is this plant non-toxic but it is also healthy for them as well. This plant has many health benefits for humans and birds. In fact, is even able to help them in certain cases when they are feeling ill because when administered properly it acts as a safe pain killer. It is important to note though that Aloe Vera is not only a fern but also falls into the succulent plant category as well, and while Aloe Vera is safe the majority of succulents are not.

Another type of fern that is non-toxic to birds is the Asplenium Nidus. In fact, due to its non-toxicity, many birds in the wild use it to construct their homes, giving it the nickname “Bird Nest Fern”. These ferns do best when hanging so by them being non-toxic your birds will be perfectly safe if they fly into it and it takes you a few moments to get them back down. Even though they are non-toxic it is still crucial that you prevent your birds from eating them as much as possible, not only for the health of the plant but for your bird as well because too much of any plant can upset their delicate stomachs.