Best tips to prevent cats from attacking birds

Pet lovers often want to have a cat and a parrot at the same time. As you know, cats are predatory animals, and parrots can awaken their hunting instinct. But all animals have different characters, and their behavior changes in different situations. If you have a cat and a parrot in your house, you need to educate them so that they get along well.

1. Very important for the parrot-cat relationship is the first encounter, which determines the further relationship of the pet. The first meeting depends on the nature of the animals, the breed and the situation. During it, cats most often manifest themselves as hunters, but there are exceptions when parrots show hostility and cats fear them. If the cat is mild in character, not aggressive, and plays without claws, then it will be easy to be friend with the parrot.

2. Prevent any manifestation of hostility. If you see a cat hunting or trying to reach your bird, catch it, take it by the neck and shake it. Say “no” strictly and convincingly. If you can’t catch the cat, push your leg to express your displeasure. But don’t react too harshly, otherwise your cat won’t love you and your parrot. Also, you can get his attention with his favorite toy.

3. Cuddle or play with your cat near the cage, but not too close but close enough to get used to the smell of parrots.

4. When you let the parrot fly, move the cat in another room. Contact between them must be established gradually.

5. After a while, start leaving your pets in the same room, but be sure to follow them. Show the parrot and cat the same attention so that the cat is not offended. After a while, the cat should realize that she is still a staple in the house, so her aggressiveness will be replaced by a dismissive attitude.

6. If the aggression comes mostly from parrots, then the danger is much less. As a rule, such actions are seen as a joke, and the cat can join the game without attacking. Sometimes cats are timid to parrots, especially if they are large breed birds.

7. The best option for connecting cats and parrots is when the cat and parrot come to the house at the same time. In this way no one feels offended and denied, they are given equal attention. If both pets meet at an early age, it’s easy to find friends. A kitten can’t hurt birds, so give them time to get closer. The parrot will watch the kitten. However, it is advisable to cut the cat’s claws to ensure parrot safety.

Generally, cats and parrots are not taught to agree or love but to not pay attention to one another. There are experiences of many people about the very close relationship between these two species, so be persistent and patient. Make sure your pets are together when you are nearby so that you can respond to any unpredictable movements in time.