Boston Terrier Shedding – Do They Shed? How To Reduce It?

Boston Terriers like most dogs do shed to some extent. They are a short coat breed and definitely do not shed as much as longer coat breeds. Boston Terriers will generally shed 2-3 times a year in late spring and early fall. This is a normal thing and should not be cause for alarm.

boston terrier shedding

Why Do Boston Terriers Shed?

The shedding process for Boston Terriers is to remove old dead hair and skin while cleaning their coat. You may notice that sometimes the day or two after bathing your dog will cause them to constantly shed hair. This is because their coat is removing the hair that was dirty and old. You can help reduce the shedding after bathing by using a rubber glove used for combing dog’s hair. This will grab a lot of the old hair and allows you to easy clean and groom your pet. You can pick one up here.

How To Reduce Boston Terrier Shedding?

You can reduce shedding with a combination of several things.

First make sure you a regularly bathing your dog and using high quality and safe shampoo. This will help keep your Boston’s coat clean and healthy which will prevent their body from wanting to shed more often.

Next try reducing stress in your dogs life. Now this can be hard to do sometimes because you may not know exactly what is causing stress or if they even are stressed. But just remember dogs tend to react to stress by shedding so reducing it will reduce the shedding.

Try adding supplements to your dogs food with fatty oils like omega-3 and omega-6. A lot of higher quality dog foods have this in there so next time you look for dog food just do a quick search for ones that have plenty of protein and fatty oils in it. I think you’ll find that this will do wonders for your dogs shedding and coat.

Brushing your Boston Terrier regularly will help reduce the amount of hair your dog will shed as well as making sure there are no ticks or fleas as these can irritate the skin causing more hair loss.


So there it is now you know that yes Boston Terriers do shed about twice a year and although it normally isn’t bad there are steps you can take to reduce the shedding.

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