Can bettas be in company with other fish in tank

The Siamese fighter or betta splendes belongs to the Osphronemidae family, and originates from Thailand, Cambodia and Southeast Asia. B.splendens usually grows to a length of about 6.5 cm (2.6 in)

Because of their beautiful appearance, people like them a lot and is a popular aquarium fish. Because of their gorgeous fins that are very delicate, but also because of the calmness they require, these aquatic pets don’t get along well with others.

Larger flock fish, such as widows, scalars, barbs, tetra phantoms, Siamese algoids, and generally larger fish, attack betas and damage their fins, bite them and often lead to infections and inflammation, which, if left untreated, can be fatal to the fish itself. Due to their large fins and noticeable colors, they do not fit with such fish, as in most cases they have nowhere to hide.

Guppy and the other Livebearers will attack the bettas, as will he. Guppies have colorful big feathers and in most cases betta sees them as males of their kind, so conflicts arise.
Also, it must not be in the aquarium with other types of lungfish such as: trichogaster lerii, colisa lalila, colisa chuna…

If the aquarium is larger, about 30-50L, flocks of small fish such as glowlight tetras and common neonfish, and corydoras, khuli khuli and ancitrus bottoms can go with the betta.

It is often difficult to find bottom fish for smaller aquariums, so some mini corydoras such as hastatus, aneus, pygmaeus and coolies can serve well. For Corydorase and coolies the aquarium must be a minimum of 20L onwards.

In a smaller aquarium of about ten liters a good selection of roommates are nerita snails and shrimp, but there must be enough plants in the aquarium for hiding. Nerats eat algae great, and shrimp eat every bit of food they come across.

It is often claimed that males can be together with females, which is by no means accurate.

As a rule, the Bette are not held in groups, but alone. But if you want to have more betas, you can choose a few females who can live together – if they have grown up together or have established a hierarchy before. Keeping males with females, especially those with long fins, is by no means recommended.

But … a female fighter is a real tyrant for females. He constantly chases them. If their number is greater in the aquarium, its tyranny will not cease, only it will be less.

The aquarium is an enclosed space. If we have males and a few females, they will constantly “Peacocking” in front of them, causing them a certain amount of stress. Soon bettan will pick one female for spawning. Then the other females and fish will be driven away from the nest. All other bettas will be stressed, and as these banished females have no place to escape, it can be easy for bettas to kill them.

Again, if we have a male in the aquarium and only one female, the male will constantly chase the female, which can end badly.

Because of their long and large fins, bettes seek peace and solitude so that no one can disturb and attack them.
Bette feels best alone when the aquarium is at peace. Due to their liveliness when they are alone, the aquarium will not look deserted, because with its color and charm bettan will fill all the space in the aquarium.

Still, in enough big aquarium some roommates will do no harm.

Summary: Bette splendens can be kept with some other fish species: tetras, corydoras and other bottom fish. Other lungfishes and territorial fishes and fishes with sumptuous tails should be avoided.