Can cats and birds live in the same household?

In many cases, it seems that birds and cats cannot live together. Adding to that the story of cats that go freely outside and often hunt birds, the story makes sense. But is that always the case?

Yes, birds and cats can live in the same household, but only if there are clear rules and good organization. Do not forget this, as any forgetting of these rules could be fatal. Most common for a bird!

Cats are attracted to movement, and birds are happy to move and jump, either by the cage or by letting them outside the cage to fly around the room. Also, some birds are so sensitive that they get a heart attack if their predator (and that is a cat!) gets too close..

Some people think that larger birds like some parrot species can defend themselves, but this is usually not the case. Cats react much faster than birds, and in addition, cats in saliva and in general carry a number of bacteria on their bodies that, if they enter the bird’s organism, can very quickly become fatal to the bird. If a cat gets too close to a bird, there is always a chance that it has infected one of the bacteria, though you may not see any scratches.

Also, if a cat catches a bird once or approaches it dangerously and you react at a crucial moment, the cat will become even more determined to approach it even more and catch it. It’s simply cat behavior.

It is best to keep the bird in a lockable room. And this should be borne in mind every time you are home and away. Only a moment of carelessness can be fatal to a bird.

Generally, sometimes it’s really possible to teach a cat and parrot a peaceful coexistence, but in this case it’s mostly about tolerating each other, or learning to ignore each other.

Cohabitation of a cat and parrot in the same home