Are Ferns Toxic To Birds?

Most people who choose to take a pet into their homes love them and are desperate to keep them safe. The same applies to people who own birds, for which many household items can choose to be toxic. Certainly, potted house plants are o exception so it is important for […]

Best tips to prevent cats from attacking birds

Pet lovers often want to have a cat and a parrot at the same time. As you know, cats are predatory animals, and parrots can awaken their hunting instinct. But all animals have different characters, and their behavior changes in different situations. If you have a cat and a parrot […]

Can cats and birds live in the same household?

In many cases, it seems that birds and cats cannot live together. Adding to that the story of cats that go freely outside and often hunt birds, the story makes sense. But is that always the case? Yes, birds and cats can live in the same household, but only if […]