How much exercise does a Boston Terrier need?

Boston Terriers are amazing, funny, and intelligent dogs and they are commonly referred to as the “American Gentlemen” because of their tuxedo marking. They were the first official breed created in the United States of America and they are the state dog for Massachusetts since 1979. They are extremely smart, […]

Do Boston Terriers Drool A Lot?

Well, Boston Terriers are certainly adorable, there is no denying that. The little bug-eyed beauties are playful, energetic, and quite intelligent. They can also be stinky little buggers as Boston Terriers are also known for their gassiness. Although not the Saint Bernards of the dog world Bostons can also be […]

Do Boston terriers really fart that much?

Yep! Boston Terriers and other brachycephalic (short-nosed) dogs are known for being an extremely flatulent. This is cause larger due to the smooshed in face that so many people have fallen in love with. Given that their snouts are pushed inwards so much, so dog often must breathe through their […]