Are Ferns Toxic To Birds?

Most people who choose to take a pet into their homes love them and are desperate to keep them safe. The same applies to people who own birds, for which many household items can choose to be toxic. Certainly, potted house plants are o exception so it is important for […]

Are Peace Lilies Toxic to Pets?

Peace lilies are a favorite household plant. In some climate zones these plants can even be a beautiful addition to a garden. What many pet owners may not know is that these plants can be toxic to pets. If you already have a peace lily, are thinking about getting one […]

Are Succulents toxic to home birds?

If you have, or have ever had, pet birds then you know that most plants are not harmful to them. However, there are a number of succulents that are and should be avoided if you have or are planning to have birds. Below is a guide that will help you […]