How many kale leaves can we give to a dwarf rabbit a day?

Kale is rich in ballast substances that are allies of the gut micro flora. These cellulose fibers bind water as well as fats and poisonous substances, accelerate the passage of food through the intestines and thus eliminate intestinal and digestive problems.

High concentrations of calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium and vitamin C make kale an extremely valuable food. Fresh leafy vegetables contain plenty of water, as well as vitamin C and fiber. These foods are the basis of a healthy diet and should not be thrown out, only reduced.

It is important for rabbits to get more calcium-rich vegetables than phosphorus. Calcium in the body participates in many processes, the most important role being the maintenance of bone and muscle structure. They get it from the diet and the excess is excreted in faeces.

From the above it is concluded that kale is desirable in the diet of rabbits, as well as salads and other leafy vegetables, but in smaller quantities (up to half a leaf) and with breaks of several days.

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