Top 10 best dog breeds for the apartment

Dogs are pets that adapt to us. They want to be part of the family and will be happy if they can constantly live with their owners. However, if you live in an apartment or in a small space then you certainly do not want a dog that loves to run and be very active. Do you agree?

Now let’s look at the top 10 best dog breeds for the apartment.

The list of the top best breeds for the apartment includes those dog that are easy to adjust to living in a small space.


If you live in a small space you certainly want breeds that can be easily adapted to your lifestyle. What are the characteristics of dog breeds for the apartment?

Dog breeds for the apartment should have the following characteristics:

  • Friendly to people,
  • Less physical activity requirements,
  • Less tendency to bark,
  • Weak shed.

This is only part of the possible characteristics. Of course, every dog ​​owner wants different characteristics. To help you choose the best breed for you …

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Now here are the top 10 best dog breeds for the apartment:

10. Brussels Griffon

They are small, cheerful and curious pets. One look into his big, human-like eyes, and you’ll be smitten.

Brussels Griffon dogs are:


This dog loves to interact with its owners and will be at its happiest when allowed just to be with them. Comes in a rough wiry coat that doesn’t shed much. Also comes in a short coat but that one sheds.

There are three varieties of this breed: Belgian griffon (with longer hair and tufts and bangs on the face), Brussel griffon (which has slightly longer hair than Belgian griffin and is different in color) and petit brabancon (which has smooth and short hair) . In Europe, all according to FCI standards, all three varieties are recognized separately, while in America only Brussel Griffon is recognized by the AKC (American Kennel Club).

In the very beginning, this breed of dog was used in stables to deal with the invasion of rats and mice. However, because of its extreme sympathy, gradually, over the years, this breed has been used more and more as an escort dog.

Today, this breed of dog is characterized by heights of 18-20 cm and weighing 2.5-5.5 kg. Their hair is smooth or coarse, that is, shorter or longer – depending on the varieties. They come in several colors, including black and black with tanned parts (eg on the front and back extremities, on the chest, on the cheeks, on the chin, above the eyes). They live on average 12-15 years.

This breed is characterized by traits such as curiosity, intelligence and a multitude of personalities. These traits make them good companion dogs. Also, this breed of dog was found to get along well with adult children and other pets, whether dogs or cats.

They can be kept in the smallest apartment, but they have a lot of energy, so they need regular exercise to stay fit. The coat requires combing two or three times a week, and trimming a couple of times a year.

9. Pug

This cute little dog is always playful and friendly to the children and everyone and that makes them a popular friendly dog ​​breed for the family.

They do not require a lot of physical activity and do not tend to bark which makes them good dogs for housing. However, even though they are small and do not have large hair, they have a thick hair and shed strongly.

Pug dogs are:


Pug is a sociable and energetic dog that adapts quickly to different situations, especially if they involve the game that this breed adores. So don’t let his body build fool you – it’s a dog that will be happy to follow you wherever you go. And in doing so, they will gladly entertain you.

When buying a pug as a pet, you need to know that it is an extremely social breed that can hardly stand the loneliness and has a hard time getting used to leaving home.

He is energetic and lively, loyal and family-friendly, a dog that will make you smile every day. He is very intelligent, so he is bored with uniform training quickly, so you have to think of innovations all the time. They can be a little stubborn when they feel that they are mentally more stable than the people around him. Pugs are very sensitive to the tone of your voice, so loud grunts are undesirable. They need an owner who is calm but strict, trustworthy, and sets consistent and clear rules of conduct. He’s a good keeper, but he’s not barking. They get along well with children and other animals and dogs, and are happy to welcome guests.
Be a consistent leader in your pug. Otherwise, your dog may become jealous, overprotective, may protect some places in the home such as furniture pieces. This behavior occurs only if you allow the dog to take control. Even if a pug happens to exhibit unwanted behavior, it can be corrected by changing your attitude toward it.

The pug can withstand the life of an apartment. It is quite inactive indoors. It does not withstand high or low temperatures, so keep it in the house when temperature is too high or low.
He needs daily walks. During the walk, the dog must always needs to follow you or better walk beside you, because if the dog is in front, you allow him to “lead the pack.” He loves energetic play and this keeps him healthy. However, make sure that you do not over-train .
Short hair is easy to maintain, brushing occasionally is enough. Only buy it if necessary, but then dry it well so that it does not cool. Clean the wrinkles on your face regularly.

8. Chihuahua

Chihuahua dog is a small breed of dog. Although they are one of the smallest in the world they have a strong personality and are very courageous.

Chihuahua dogs are:


Chihuahua is recognizable by its small but muscular body covered with long or short hair. It comes in a variety of colors, most commonly black, white, blue, red or wheat, with or without white markings. Thanks to its small growth of up to 20 centimeters, it adapts easily to living in an apartment or home.

Chihuahua is a very intelligent animal that can be learned a lot. The only condition is to start with socialization from a small age. They like to hang out with their owner and get attached to it very quickly, while strangers prefer to avoid it. Chihuahuas do not tolerate loneliness, so they are not recommended for owners who are not at home most of the day.

Although at first one would think that a chubby little animal is ideal for children, it is not true. Due to his sudden and somewhat stubborn temperament, he can become aggressive and even bite. This mainly happens when the animal is neglected, which especially happens with chihuahuas. Owners often see them as a “fashion accessory” or a toy, not a pet. Thus, the very degree of aggression in Chihuahua depends on the irresponsible owners.

He usually loves cats, so if you have a cat at home, you probably won’t have any problems with living together

7. Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier is a beautifully muscle dog. These are gentle pets who want to please their owners.

The Boston Terriers are:


The small size and lively nature make them wonderful pets and family companions. They love children and delight people of all ages with their craziness and uniqueness as well as likable behavior. Although lively, they do not have excessive exercise needs. They are relatively inactive indoors and are therefore suitable for apartments, people without a yard, as well as the elderly. They are gentle, even temperamental, but they still have a strong character that they carry from their ancestors.

Dogs with a short muzzle have a much harder cooling the air that enters the lungs than those with a long muzzle and are therefore more susceptible to heatstroke. Also, because of the short fur, the Boston Terriers do not tolerate winter, so even in temperate climates individuals of this breed must be kept inside the house or apartment. The Boston Terrier is looking for a moderate level of activity.

They are very easy to maintain. Just a week of brushing with a firm brush and bathing with a dry, powdery shampoo and a damp cloth (do standard bathing as needed). Due to the large and prominent eyes, clean your face daily and check your eyes for signs of irritation and redness. They shed minimally and they are easy to groom.

6. Chinese Crested Dog

The Chinese Crested Dog is a great pet that loves the attention of humans and yet is ready to adapt to anyone.

Chinese Crested dogs are:


The Chinese Crested dog grows to 30 cm in height and never weighs more than 4.5 kg. This canine species is special in that it has no hair except on the head, tail and legs.

These dogs are skillful, cute and really easy to love. They are loyal and playful when it comes to children, but as this species does not have the hair to protect it, must be careful not to injure them. Start socializing your dog at an early age by exposing him to loud noises and outside activities so he doesn’t turn into a scarecrow. They are very intelligent and easy to learn to perform various tricks, and are good with other pets, such as cats. They don’t bark. They are very attached to their owners.

The Chinese Crested dog gains weight easily so be careful not to feed it too much. They require more attention than other dogs because they do not have hair, so the skin is prone to irritation and sunburn.

They are great for housing and those with allergies. They are active and love walking, so even though they are small and sweet, try to resist the urge to wear them constantly on your hands. For winter walks a hoodie is required.

They are very clean and have no odor, and are not prone to fleas either. They require regular bathing, after which a little oil is applied to the skin to keep it soft.

These dogs live on average 10 to 12 years. These characteristics make them as a good apartment dogs.

5. Tulear Dog (Coton de Tulear)

The Tulear dog is a small and smart pet known for its cotton-like hair. They are a great choice for living in an apartment and smaller space.

Tulear dogs are:


Coton de tulear is a dog, which at first glance captivates with elegance, and is distinguished by a number of extraordinary features. The gentle and helpless appearance hides great endurance, intelligence and speed, which is in complete contrast to his salon dog reputation.

Due to its irresistible charm, Coton knows very well how to impose his will and do what he pleases, only if you allow it, but he is also capable of fully understanding the needs of his owner and being exactly what he is expected to do. Cheerful and irresistible, Coton is one of the most lovable and lovable dogs ever created for play and socializing.

Care of the caton hair does not require much effort. It is enough to comb it twice a week, for half an hour and once a month, with adequate shampoo. The coton doesn’t cut because its hair grows just as long as it needs – 18 cm, up to the ankle, so it doesn’t drag on the floor. Only the hair on the paws grows, so it should be periodically styled.

The maximum height in males is 32 cm and the minimum height is 25 cm, while females may be a maximum of 28 cm and a minimum of 22 cm. The weight of males ranges from 4 to 6 kg and females between 3.5 and 5 kg, and should be proportional to height. This breed, does not have a single genetic defect, which makes them very resistant and healthy dogs. They can live about 20 years.

It almost doesn’t shed at all, so it’s a great choice for dog lovers who have an allergy problem.

4. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a very popular small breed of dog. In addition to being beautiful, they are also friendly to everyone, great for beginners and great for living in an apartment.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dogs are:


This breed has long hair that can occur in these combinations: black and yellowish or white or black and reddish or fading red or white and red. Fur should be regularly combed and brushed, especially on the ears. It is important to clean his ears regularly and trim his hair between his paws.

She has long, pendulous ears and large dark sensitive eyes.

They are 30 to 33 centimeters tall and weigh between six and 8.2 pounds, males are about the same height as females. They are quite durable, living from 10 to 15 years.

This dog is a devoted and loyal pet who adores the family and does not like to be alone for long. It is gentle and friendly and adjustable to different spaces. He is easy to train and loves children, but still not too small.

He is extremely sensitive and empathetic and aware of your mood. He will often try to comfort you and comfort you if you are in a bad mood, which is why he is known as a very good therapy dog.

He is quite active and needs walks. As he is prone to swaying and careless walks, take him on a leash.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog will bark only to alert you to an event. So this breed can certainly be a good choice for you.

The following are the three best dog breeds for a apartment. Ready?

3. English Bulldog

The English Bulldog is a muscular breed of dog that also adapts very gently to life in the city and apartment.

The English Bulldogs are:


This medium-sized dogs are recognizable by their strong ‘tight’ body, broad shoulders, short but firm legs and large head with a short muzzle.

The hair of the dog is short, straight and smooth. Maintaining the same that implies occasional brushing is easy. Daily care involves the erasure of saliva and wrinkles on the body, especially on the head.

At first glance, English bulldogs may look dangerous to someone, but the truth is completely different – these are gentle dogs.

They rarely bark, not provoking other dogs, but when they feel their family is threatened, they will react and try to defend them. Although they know the point of being stubborn, they are also recommended for owners who are just entering the dog world because of their calm nature.

English Bulldogs are quiet and quiet pets who spend most of the day sleeping, but they also won’t regret if you take them for a walk, especially if the heat is not too high for the breed to handle, and the same applies to keeping the dog on a leash.

Unlike most dogs who like swimming, bulldogs don’t like it. On the contrary, most of them do not know how to swim, and if they do swim, they can do so very briefly.

They like to pamper themselves, play with the owners and children, and because they are extremely attached to the family, they are not recommended for people who frequently leave the house. Then these dogs will be unhappy.

Like most dogs with short muzzles, English Bulldogs snore, gasp and drool. In general, the English Bulldogs have difficulty breathing because of their short muzzle, and in high summer temperatures this is especially pronounced.

In general, it is a very sensitive breed. The biggest disadvantage of this breed is that it lives on average for about eight years.

2. Bichon Frize

If you want a pet that will always be cheerful, nice and friendly then little Bichon is the right choice for you.

Bichon dogs are:


There are several types of bichon, the most popular are curly bichon and havanese. Both species are small breeds and have an average life span of 15 years. Curly bichon has a snowy white, while havanese has long, smooth and straight hair.

Both types are very intelligent and sociable, they are very affectionate and get along well with everyone. Dogs are cheerful in nature, but they don’t like to stay alone for too long. If you do not give them enough attention, they can become destructive and very vocal.

Like any other breed, these little beauties need regular walking and socialization. What is important to note in both types is that they need a comb at least three times a week, so it would be a good idea to get used to it.

The most important thing to know if you want bichonas is that they adapt well to all environments, they are in good health, require a lot of editing and brushing, they are intelligent and easy to train and are great with children but do not like to be alone for too long.

1. Basenji

Basenji is one special breed of dog known for not barking. More specifically, they have an unusual larynx. They can whimper and growl and make similar noises, but you won’t hear the classic barking.

Basenji dogs are:


Basenji is a dog that will be a calm, quiet and loyal pet. They are considered as very intelligent, resourceful and super smart dogs. People often interpret their intelligence as stubbornness.
Generally, they are very curious and playful dogs full of energy. According to strangers, they are restrained.

They have a lot of cat characteristics, such as independence and indifference, and just like cats, they nurture and clean themselves.
They are not fans of water, rain or wet weather.They generally avoid going outside during rainy weather and prefer to stay in the house all day long in a dry and warm place.

Basenji is not a big dog. Females grow up to 40 cm in length, weighing about 9.5 kg.The males are slightly larger, up to 43 cm and weigh about 11 kg.

Basenji is known for being a very clean dog – it does not tolerate dirt or wet hair and will lick like a cat until it is cleaned or dried. They will also lick other members of their pack, referring to both humans and animals. Bathing them is almost unnecessary because besides the fact that he cleanses himself, Basenji is also known for having no odor. This is not a dog that you can keep outside your home or apartment. Basenji is a great choice as a hypoallergenic dog because this breed do not shed as much as most other dogs.