Which Is the Best Flea Prevention for Your Pet?

A carefree meadow walk and play with your four-legged pet can turn into a nightmare in an instant. Just one little bloodsucker, a tick, is enough to complicate life for both you and your dog.

Although many owners are reluctant to give a dogs pills, ampoule or use necklaces, all the potential damage from chemicals is much less than the dangers that can cause pyroplasmosis in the canine, and then Lyme borreliosis, which is transmitted by ticks.

Which product to choose?

For the protection against ticks the market offers a large selection of preparations, from ampoules, necklaces, sprays to preparations that are taken by mouth. The ampoules are applied to the skin and the spray should be applied to the entire dog.

Avoid bathing with shampoos for at least two to three days before and after applying any means so that the effectiveness does not diminish.

We made an overview of the different types of dog  protective products from tick and flea and listed the advantages and disadvantages of each.


Prices vary depending on the manufacturer and size of the dog. The most expensive ones are not necessarily the best because ticks like to be tucked right under the collar, so keep in mind that you place necklace tightly around the neck – you should be able to put two finger between the collar and the body.

Antiparasitic necklaces differ in composition and principle of action. For some, the active substance is an antiparasitic that destroys the parasites on the animal, while in others are the various essential oils that drive the parasites from the animal. The necklace should be worn constantly. As a rule, one form of preparation is sufficient for protection. However, when there are many ticks in nature, a combination of preparations, such as ampoules and necklaces, is also recommended for more effective protection.

Advantages: Put once every six months
Disadvantages: Many dogs suffer from collar allergies, if ticks are very hungry the odor will not stop them.


They are given once a month, but some owners say they are given once every two months. They have an insecticide in them that spreads throughout the body and kills ticks. This means that this hideous creature can get hooked on your dog and suck blood, but the pill guarantees that the feast will last a short time. The price depends on the weight of the dog.
Advantages: First-class tick killer, and good as a flea killer
Disadvantages: Many owners say it’s bad for the liver

Chewable tablets

Chewable tablets for dogs are also popular. Such pills can protect the dog from fleas and ticks for up to three months, greatly facilitating the process of protecting the dog, but also avoiding “holes” between protection treatments. You can also use garlic pills as a food supplement. Its essential oils have an antibacterial effect and protect the dog because ticks and other external parasites do not tolerate the smell of garlic.

Advantages: The tablets are delicious to dogs,  they do not cause discomfort on the skin  They are easy to apply and do not wash off of the skin, like other ectoparasites.
Disadvantages: They should be used regularly

Liquid Ampoules

Price is reasonable, depending on the manufacturer and size of the dog. Do not buy the most expensive without detailed study the composition. It is best to put it on the back of the neck where the dog cannot lick the fluid, just do not grease it for at least 24 hours in that location. If the dog is wet by rain it is not a drama, but he should not to swim or bath.

Advantages: Protection holds for a month to a month and a half, good protection because it is an insecticide
Disadvantages: It is not best for fleas.


Easily accessible and to use, these powders are easy to apply after a bath. Diatomaceous Earth as a powder or shampoo is also often promoted as an anti-parasite treatment. You will be able to kill fleas with dry diatomaceous earth only indoors when it is as least damp as possible. Mixing diatomaceous earth with any amount of water or animal sebum deprives the earth of its killing properties.

Advantages: They are relatively inexpensive and easy to apply
Disadvantages: Like sprays, they are dangerous when absorbed by the pet’s eyes or skin. Side effects of powders may include vomiting, diarrhea and even shaking.


For the protection you can find a wide collection of anti flea sprays available. These can be applied on your pet after his shower.

Advantages: A less expensive method of controlling fleas than topical or oral medications, sprays are also relatively easy to use.
Disadvantages: Some may not be as effective. The chemicals can also be dangerous when absorbed by the pet’s skin or touch his eyes.


It’s free but risky. The tick can only be detected when attached to a dog and some dogs have very thick fur. If you decide on pincette, keep in mind that the tick should be removed by grasping the tip of the body with the tweezers as close to the skin as possible, and then turning clockwise. When you pull it out, you should check that you have pulled out all the legs, arms and head. Observe the dog after the tick was removed, he may have gotten some illness after all.

Advantages: The dog is not poisoned by chemicals, it’s cheap
Disadvantages: It’s risky