Why a Dalmatian Can Be a Dog for You?

They love an active life

Dalmatians are a playful, active and friendly dog that will fill your life with positive energy!. Nothing is difficult for them. They need daily physical exertion and it takes a long time to get tired. They enjoy running, playing with the ball.
If you like running, long walks or cycling, the Dalmatian will be happy to be with you. When you are not entertaining them with physical activity, it is wise to give them some mental fun like learning various tricks.

These dogs are intelligent, can be well trained and make good watchdogs. He will always let you know when a stranger approaches.

They are social

With proper dressage, Dalmatians are very polite and social dogs that will get along well with humans and other animals.They are mediocre territorial so they will quickly accept newcomers.That feature makes them pretty good family dogs.Like any dog, they need early socialization. A Dalmatian can become stubborn and disobedient if he feels that his owner is soft and not sufficiently authoritative. He needs rigorous and consistent training. It can be easily trained to a high level of obedience. They are very lovely dogs, quite intelligent, and very versatile. But they are not a “Labrador with spots.

They are very loyal and protective of their family.

He enjoys the company of people, loves attention and is protective of his family. Dogs of this breed quickly bond with the owner and love the family atmosphere.

Dalmatians will try to escort you from room to room, and at night they will want to jump into your bed to hug you. If a Dalmatian is left out of what his family is doing, then he often barks loudly, nibbles at things and digs. They almost never bite unless specifically encouraged.

They are customizable

Many animals are slaves to habits and find it difficult to accept change. Dalmatians are very adaptable. They do not mind new environments and travel.

They are humorous

Dalmatians enjoy being able to entertain their owner. They will do anything to make him laugh or get him into some fun activity. They love animating their surroundings.

They are beautiful

Dalmatians are white with spots that can be brown, black, bluish gray, or even yellow or orange.

They are muscular and athletic. Their proud hold is especially impressive. He is a a great companion for kids, for anyone able to cope with his level of energy. Also he is not a big vocalize.

The Dalmatians is very clean and tidy, with little or no “doggy” odor, loves to bathe and wash which makes it suitable for keeping in the house. Most Dalmatians do not want to get dirty and even avoid the bars.