Why is Maine Coon one of the most popular cat breeds in the world?

Maine Coon is very popular due to its large size and exotic appearance. It has characteristic tassels on the ears awhich resemble a lynx and a huge fluffy “raccoon” tail.

So, if you want to get a cat that looks like a lynx and is very friendly Maine Coon is your good choice.


Given that they can weigh even more than ten pounds, Maine coons are impressive home cats. This breed grows to its fourth or fifth year.
Maine Coon is not the largest domestic cat breed in the world, although many like to attribute this trait to them. According to the standards of felinological associations, they are the Norwegian Forest Cat and Ragdoll.

They talk a lot

Maine Coons are a talkative cat breed. Sweet purring and meowing will accompany you throughout the all day. Also, they produce a variety of other voices, and they often add vocal communication to body language to help their owner know what they want.


Maine coons are most commonly social cats that love humans, children and other animals. Moreover, owners may even be able to teach them how to return a ball like dogs or walk on a leash.
If proper kitten socialization was done from the early days you can be sure that the Maine Coon will be open-minded, very kind, benign and will have complete confidence in his owner. Maine Coon is a cat that gives a lot, pays attention to everything you do and always wants to get involved.


It is to be expected that the fur of a cat with a semi-long hair requires rather intensive care. Contrary to expectations, Maine coon fur does not require over-grooming. This is because the Maine coon has very little undercoat and only needs to be combed once a week to keep it looking nice.

They love water.

Perhaps it’s because of their water-resistant fur, but these cats love to play with water. Bathing, spending hours and hours in the sink, tub, sink are the most common habits that Maine Coon owners comment on.


Given their size, many might be think it’s an non active breed, but the Maine coons are very playful. Carefree playfulness is perhaps their strongest side – playing with their tail, with other animals, children, humans, toys or with our personal belongings is their daily routine.

They are very intelligent and aware of the situations around them.

They will be happy to solve complicated puzzles if a reward follows. They know where their food is and where the treats are and will always figure how to open a cabinet, drawer, or door. They understand basic commands like “no”, “get down”, “come”, “bring”.

They are the ideal for?

They are the ideal for anyone who has an infinite amount of love and is willing to give them a lot of attention. It will blend well with any home and fill it with warmth, peace and satisfaction. It will make happy lonely people, elderly, sick but also families with children and active people. Characteristically, there are no two of the same Maine Coons. Each one is special. For example, if you have two kittens from the same litter, raised in the same conditions and living together, they will be different for sure. That makes them special. That’s why they are one of the most popular cat breeds in the whole world.